LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe

There are plenty of things that you can invest your money in, and a fingerprint gun safe like the LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe may seem to be a bit of an excessive purchase. Is it a matter of luxury, or of necessity, to own a fingerprint gun safe?

Whether you simply want to be ready for a possible intruder, or to keep your gun and other valuables safe from those prying hands of the children or visitors – a fingerprint gun safe is a wise investment for any gun owner. With a biometric lock, these safes will never give you the hassle of fumbling for a key or remembering the combination.

A fingerprint gun safe presents the best in self defense since you will never lose the key and will have instant access with a finger swipe. Make sure nobody else can get your guns. Shop here for the best selling fingerprint gun safes on the market.

The LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Perfect for holding your firearms and other valuables.

This safe is a strong and reliable fingerprint safe, with very accurate FAR and FRR. This means that the false positives and false negatives are very low, in other words: it’s very accurate. When you have valuables you want to lock away, especially hand guns, you want to have reliable access.

The steel on the LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint safe is heavy-gauged steel, 9-gauge to be precise. This means that the thickness of the steel on the LockSAF is comparable to safes that are in the thousands-of-dollars range, for much, much less. This presents genuine value, at a very affordable price.

This safe is only twenty-one pounds, which means you do want to anchor the safe if you can. There are spots to anchor the safe if need be. The other great benefit of the LockSAF biometric safe is that you can record 10 different sets of fingerprints.

Tip for the 10 fingerprints:

Many find that it is beneficial to use multiple sets of their own fingerprints, in order to ensure that they will get easier access. The trouble with any biometric vault is that some readers will not allow you access the first time. This is because the reader records your fingerprints at a given angle.


use several angles of your own fingerprints to record as additional sets. This will allow the scanner to recognize you in various situations, angles, etc.

But don’t worry, there are also two sets of keys just in case.

The LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint safe is a reliable, sturdy and accurate biometric safe. You can use it anywhere, for many things, and rest knowing your valuables are going to be there when you need them most.

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